FlatFree Bicycle Wheelsets

@cme FlatFree Bicycle Wheelsets will NEVER go flat and will last longer than most people ride their bikes in a lifetime.

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Available Sizes: 26″ or 700c
Configurations: Freehub, Single/Fixed or Coaster Brake

Wheel with nails driven through it,
Both flat-free wheels with rims and spokes.
Complete Wheelset
Wheels reflecting a bright light at night.
You Will Be Seen
Detailed view of the tire construction.
Hutchinson Parts

I was born to put a million more people on bicycles.

Being a life-long member of the bicycle community and business, I know how bicycles can change the planet. I also know the frustrations inherent in modern bicycle design.

I’ve been lucky enough to be at the forefront of many breakthroughs in the cycling world, including Shimano’s commitment to internal shifting hubs, the advent of the Mountain Bike, and the creation of BMX in the 70′s.

One of the biggest frustrations the public experiences with bikes is getting, repairing, and dealing with flat tires and being seen at dusk and nighttime.

That day is over. Last year a company developed and introduced the no-flat tire used in our system. The problem is that it ONLY fits on a very specific sized rim (probably not what’s on your bike…) and is fairly difficult to install. And it’s expensive.

The Tire Itself is Incredible

Rated to last 3000 miles, it will be the last tire most people on the planet will have to buy. Lined with a reflective strip on both sides, there is NO WAY a car won’t see you in it’s headlights.

What @cme (ACME) has done is to build professional-quality aluminum wheels in Southern California, pre-mount the tires, and ship them directly to you for installation on your bike.

These tires weigh more than traditional tires, and ride like a tire with 60 pounds of air in it. They will add about 1400 grams to each wheel. You will NEVER have to fix a flat. Get up in the morning, hop on your bike to the coffee shop and work. Go for a ride on the weekend. You will never have to carry a pump, patch kit, call a friend, or walk home from the middle of nowhere because you got a flat.

The wheels feature sturdy double-wall aluminum rims with machined sidewall braking surfaces. brass eyelets and nipples, steel spokes and industry-standard quality loose-ball hubs. All of the wheelsets come with black hubs, spokes, and rims, except for the Shimano coaster brake hub is silver. The rims are professional-quality double walled aluminum, with machined braking surfaces on both sides. Superb.

If you DO wear the tires out by riding 3000 miles on them, we will develop a program where you can ship your wheels back to us for new tread installation.

Join the @cme FlatFree Revolution

Throw away your bike pump. We look forward to seeing you riding your bike with a smile on your face every ride!

Currently we are offering wheels in two sizes (26″ and 700c) and three configurations (Freehub, Single/Fixed, and Coaster Brake). All of the tires are 35mm / 1.5″ wide, so make sure they fit in your bike before you order. If you have another desired configuration, let us know, we will try to accommodate you.

Buy Now for $299 + Shipping  

The first company to get airless bicycle tires right.

Popular Science

They’ve done an excellent job creating an airless tire with a decent feel and good rolling resistance.


They offer a ride quality similar to a pneumatic tire inflated to around 60 psi – right about where city tires should be inflated to.

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If anyone can make it work it might just be this company.

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